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What is Challenge for Challengers?

This years Challenge

The AVm "Challenge for Challengers" is a series of events across the UK we are competing in, and hoping to, complete over the year to raise, not just money, but awareness for Challengers...

Who are Challengers?

Challengers break down the barriers to play and make it possible for every disabled child and young person to play and have fun, without limits.  


Challengers support children and young people aged 2 – 18 at their range of services, located across the South East of England.

Find out more about Challengers


Jun -Triathlon - Blenheim Palace - Oxford

Jul - Trail Run - Gower Peninsula - Wales

Aug - Climb/Kayak - Ben Nevis - Scotland

Sep - Run - The Great North - Newcastle

Sep - MTB Ride - Guildford - Surrey

Blenheim Palace Triathlon

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